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UK Competitions members enter hundreds of competitions daily and they win regularly. To spread the news of the success they're having, they can use this page to publish their wins. Not all competition wins will be listed, of course, as not everyone will tell us about their win but this is just an indication of the great results our members are achieving though competitions they find though our listings.

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for August 2006

Name: Leonard Speck Comp Type: Prize Draw
Sony Car CD Tuner
Name: Peggy Allen Comp Type: Prize Draw
two tickets to bestival and an olympus digital camera fromThe Guardian
Name: Vikki Humphries Comp Type: Questions
Transamerica DVD
Name: Vikki Humphries Comp Type: Multiple Choice
Red Hot Chili Peppers double CD
Name: T S Comp Type: Multiple Choice
Promotional Red Hot Chilli Peppers Stadium Arcadium album
Name: R Trusdale Comp Type: Questions
Final Destination 3 DVD
Name: Nick Boldock Comp Type: Prize Draw
Tickets to Ladies Night at Hull Truck Theatre
Name: Hayley Christie Comp Type: Multiple Choice
2 tickets to the world superbike comp. at brands hatch
Name: L Winter Comp Type: Prize Draw
Signed Snow Patrol Eyes Open Album
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