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Getting started with UK Competitions

UK Competitions is your number one directory of UK based, free to enter, competitions found online. We list hundreds of competitions a week and update our listings daily. Browsing our competition listings is easy, and we offer four different ways you can browse the listings, you can choose whatever method suits you best.

Browsing by Category

All competitions listed on our site are placed into a category, you can browse the competitions in each category using the links on the left hand side of each page (if you look to the left of this text now you can see all the categories!). For example, competitions where you could win a computer or anything relating to computers can be found in the Computer Related category. There are 21 different categories in total, just click on a category name to browse!

Browsing by Comp Type

For each competition we list we work out what type of competition it is, for example if it is a Multiple Choice, Prize Draw etc, there are 8 different types of competition. You can browse our listings based on this, for example you can view all Prize Draw competitions. To do this, click the "browse comps by type" which is to the bottom of the left hand menu, and then select a type of competition.

Browsing by Site

When we list a competition we record the name of the site/company running the competition, using the browse by site option you can browse the names of the sites/companies running competitions. From there you can view all the competitions that site/company is currently running. To browse by site, use the link at the bottom of the left hand menu.

Browsing the Newest Comps

As we update our listing daily we make it easy for you to find just the competitions which have just been added. Using the "New Competitions" link on our top menu will show you day by day the competitions added per day, you can jump straight in and view those competitions. Please note, you need to be a member to view the last 14 days worth of competitions, so make sure you join us for free or if you are a member make sure you're always logged in. Members of UK Competitions also can also view the competitions added since their last visit, you will find these competitions on the Home page when you're logged in.

If your having problems navigating our web site or browsing our listings please contact us, don't suffer in silence, get in touch and let us help you - if you don't, your be the one losing out on using the greatest competition directory in the UK. You can contact us by clicking here.

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