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What do UK Competitions users want as prizes?

What do users of competitions sites want as prizes? Since we love the thrill of entering competitions too we will run down what we think you guys out here want.

The most popular prizes will always be cash. With small valuable electrics with smaller amounts of Cash (ie around £50) perceived to be a good option to enter also as they will have fewer entries and so more chance of winning. Since you only have a finite amount of time it is better to enter the most ‘likely’ ones only…

The growing popularity for “for a year” prizes raises the point that people usually like to know what they are getting rather than something intangible such as store credit or a service they might not have bought in the first place. A year of zero spending is always a nice though

I think also large prizes that rely on the customer having a very specific need or requirement are less effective examples a new fridge/freezer LCD TVs or some other component of a high end electronic or household product. Unless (as many comps do these days) offer a cash equivalent. Although you are possibly sending out the wrong message should you say offer a LCD TV worth £1000 and or cash equivalent of £450.

In conclusion, many competition ‘enterers’ will avoid entering competitions for huge prizes as they perceive that their chances are reduced by the number of entries. They want to know exactly what they will get and finally what cash equivalents should be. Items such as holidays should include spending money or be clear on this point.

There are going to be loads of opinions here as to what the best prizes are. From UK Competitions they tend to be: 1. cash 2. state of the art electrical items 3.holidays sprees 4. gadgets 5. DVDs and CDs.

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