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Just a quick blog to remind UK Competitions members to use the great features we have to make the site easier and better for all members. Take a few moments to give other members information regarding what you thought about the comps you have entered and everyone will gain!

Entered. Tells you which listings you have tried your luck with.

Rating. Tells other users how you rated the listings you have tried.

Comments. Like the rating you can give details on what you thought about specific listings. Saves time by only finding the best comps.

Plus there are are other pieces of information next to each listing such as Visits which tells you how popular any listings is, closing and Date added and even number and type of prizes.

If you put all this together you have a lot of detail on each listing. Thats before you visit the website. Do you have any suggestions regarding info you would like to have added? Or features that we should add in the future? Feel free to contact us about it and we will see what we can do.

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