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UK Competitions has over 800 listings! Top competitions, prize draws, free bets, games and others. You can only see the last 2 weeks worth if you are a member. But the good news is that it only takes a few seconds to join up for free! Control all aspects of the info we hold about you and how we contact you. You can leave at any time or change your preferences by contacting us there is no obligation.

With hundreds of listings you will want to cut through them a bit. Only view the ones that are most attractive to you. What prizes do you want to win? Holidays, cash, vouchers, clothing, cards, gadgets or something else? You can win them all at UK Competitions!

Find the top 25 listings and see what other members of UK Competitions have been entering. There are some amazing prizes to be won like £15k cash, £2k to spend at Thomas Cash and £250k cash!

You can see at a glance what is hot. Enter all the top competitions and what other members are recommending. Enter them before they expire and they’re gone!

Enter them all, best of luck and get busy!

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