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We have had a few support requests from the main UK Competitions site so I thought it might be useful for UK Competitions members to use this blog to let you know the answers to a few of the most popular questions. Here are a few of the most important UK Competitions FAQS for you:

Q. How do I change my member email address?

A. Make sure you are logged in. Click the Home icon and then My Details. Overtype your new email address in the box provided and scroll to the bottom of the page and select Click Here To Update Your Details.

Q. The email address I selected is Already Registered with UK Competitions, what do I do?

A. You may have tried to join UK Competitions previously and not responded to the Confirmation Email. Please contact us using the Contact Form provided and we will resend this email. (Please ensure that you allow this email through your email filter settings.)

Q. I have been unable to complete registration as I have not had a Confirmation Email. What do I do?

A. This is usually due to registration emails being placed in Junk/Spam email folder in error, make sure you look in your Junk/Spam email folder for this email. If you cannot locate this email contact us using the Contact Form provided and we will resend the Confirmation Email on request. (Please ensure that you allow this email through your email filter settings to allow future communications through.)

Q. Are featured competitions valid outside the UK?

A. Please check individual competition Terms and Conditions for further details

Q. I submitted a competition and it is not yet featured on the site. What do I do now?

A. We update our listings every few days so allow this time to add your competition. Submissions must be suitable and meet all criteria including: free to enter and based in the UK. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all submissions.

Q. Does clicking on the Entered icon actually enter the competitions for me?

A. No. This feature is to indicate which competitions have been entered to actually enter individual competitions you must visit each competition site using the links provided and follow instructions.

Q. The Entered feature does not change when I click on it. How do I activate the Entered feature?

A. Please click on the Entered icon. Scroll down the resulting page and click on the highlighted text and follow further instructions to activate this feature.

Q. How will I be notified if I won a competition?

A. Winners will be contacted directly by the site running the competition.

Q. I have followed the link from UK Competitions and I cannot find the competition on the competition Site why is this?

A. Please ensure that you have searched thoroughly through the site, the competition may not always be on the front page. It amey also be on their Facebook or other social media page. Please contact us using our Contact Form should you discover any dead links or closed competitions.

Q. Hurrah! I won a competition featured on UK Competitions and I am not featured on the winner’s board how can I change this?

A. Click on the highlighted text in the Winners Board section and fill in the short online form on the resulting page to log in your win.

We will add a section on the main site for UK Competitions FAQS so until then I hope these are useful. More UK Competitions FAQS will added as and when we think it would be of use.

If there are any questions not answered above please Contact Us and we will get one added for you.

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