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Types of competition

Just to remind all users of UK Competitions that they can search for comps by ‘Types of competition’ so you can choose the competitions which suit your skills. The types we feature are as follows:

Multiple Choice – Questions will either be topical or answer will be on the website somewhere.

Prize Draws – Enter your address/email add for a chance to win.

Questionaires – Give a few details about yourself to win.

Questions – Will be general knowledge or news worthy

Online Poll – Just give your opinion to win.

Captions – Put your word power to the test, come up with a snappy one liner to win.

Games – Games of chance or skill such as scratch cards, lottery or puzzles.

Tiebreakers – ‘I deserve to win this car because…’

Narrow down your options and maximise your chances with UK Competitions!! Choose which types of competition you prefer to enter.

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