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TheVeganKind: Win A year Of Luxury Vegan Products

If you’ve ever tried going vegan you’ll know how hard it can be. No knowing what products to buy or how to go about it can really put you off. Now with this competition it might just have got a little bit easier with experts TheVeganKind!! Every item they sell is 100% vegan, all natural and healthy too. No animal was harmed making them, and they are healthier long term too. They have a year subscription to give away for free this month!

To take part in this months draw, just join the TheVeganKind email newsletter. Its free and you can leave without obligation at any time. It has info on buying vegan and living vegan a well as on whats in the latest boxes going out to subscribers. Everyone who joins gets a guaranteed £5 voucher to use on one of their boxes too. They make being vegan so easy. It is well worth finding out more about. To take part, just enter your email it only takes a second, and you are automatically entered in every prize draw from now on. This prize is worth over £133 if you were purchasing it! A whole year of healthy animal safe surprises to enjoy!

Now is the time to go vegan, the easy way! All kinds of products handpicked by vegan experts, pick from lifestyle boxes or beauty boxes, or you can shop for individual products from previous boxes. Join the TheVeganKind revolution today and win a (over) hundred quid of amazing stuff this month.

Beauty products, condiments, cook books, gifts, snacks. Its got the best new vegan products, recommended for you each month! Even better if you win them all for a full year! Make sure you enter this comp, its just one of the new ones added to UK Competitions in recent weeks.

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