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The Skinny Caffe: Win £250 When You Sign Up

Enjoy the taste of real coffee with only nine calories. The Skinny Caffe is low cal instant with the full taste, suitable for vegans and dieters too. Its healthy coffee that comes in loads of flavours to suit all tastes including anyone with a sweet tooth. They even do hot chocolate now too!

They are running a promo for a short time only. Spin their bonus wheel to receive a discount of from 25% to 50%. Its free to take part! Plus if you do you get free entry to their prize draw. The lucky winner will win £250! Its well worth entering to win this prize.

Its a great idea. A tasty instant pick up without the usual calories and only natural ingredients. No Soy, gluten, dairy or eggs. The Skinny Caffe drinks all taste amazing and you can have a superb hot drink in minutes. Knowing that you wont have to worry about calories or any dietary issues either. All natural nutrition, its vegan friendly and theres no other nasties in there either.

Dont buy though until you have spun the wheel and seen how much you could save. Save up to 50% on your next order! Not to mention a prize of £250 as well. The Skinny Caffe is something you should try and have ready when you want a caffeine boost. There are hundreds of varieties and flavours to try out. Skinny coffee plus drinking chocolate (lo cal as well!) and healthy tea. All the taste, none of the guilt.

No filters, grinders or specialised coffee makers are required to enjoy this range. Just an tasty instant coffee that does not contain the usual fat etc. Very affordable too, especially if you save 50% or win get lucky and win £250! Postage is free on all orders with no minimum order value too.

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