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Swizzels: Win A Giant Bundle Of Tasty Retro Sweets

Got a funny joke you want to tell the world? Think you should be the country’s next top comic? Swizzels want to hear it and they will reward the best one with a hamper of their most tasty sweets. A huge bundle of their tangy fizzy sweets could be coming your way for free.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Knock, knock, who is there?. How many penguins does it take to change a lightbulbs? Any other kind of joke you like could win you a taste sensation. If its hilarious then it could win you a big bundle of sweets. No purchase to make, its free to enter. Just fill in your joke and let them know where to contact you if you win. Best of all everyone gets to hear your gag! We all love a joke or two and this is how to make it pay. Get creative and come up with the pun to end all puns.
Its fun to share guys so get writing your gag!

Make sure its 100% original, clean (ish!), and rib splitting-ly funny of course. If picked it will win your more than a dozen packets of fizzy sweeties from the most popular ranges at Swizzels. Hold them in your mouth and let them do the rest. Fizzing and popping all on their own. They are just as good now as they were back in the eighties when you were growing up.

Simply said this is the perfect prize for Christmas and new year 2017. Share them or hoard them for the long snowy nights in front of the TV. They are a seasonal treat that never lets you down. Feel the sugar rush that you remember so well.

Read all the jokes at Swizzels. Even if you dont win its a laugh!

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