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Specsavers: Win £10K Cash And £1k Of Glasses

A truly blockbuster competition from Specsavers! One winner will scoop £10,000 in cash and also £1,000 in designer eyewear! Enter their Spectacle Wearer Of The Year draw by uploading your image to take part for free. Have you got cool pic of you wearing glasses or want to show off your new specs? This is how to make it pay. Will you wear the crown of best spec wearer for 2018?

Just send your image to Specsavers to enter. They give £1 for every entry to the anti bullying charity Kidscape , which helps protect kids from all kinds of threats. We all win both ways. No matter what specs you rock this is perfect way to show them off. Selfie or group shot, it really is up to you what pic you send it off. You can add a pic from Facebook or Instagram or upload from your computer if you choose. Its so easy to take part in this amazing comp and its 100% free as well.

Looking good! Now is the time to look your best for the 2018 Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The year competition. Send them your image (its really easy!) of you wearing glasses (or sun glasses) and the best one will be selected by their panel of specs wearers.

It really is a sensational prize, £10k in cash to spend as you like: a deposit on a flat, new car or just the easy life for a while its up to you! Not forgetting about £1000 to buy glasses in the future. Think of all the designer frames and sunglasses brands you could buy! The best in eyewear could be yours.

£11k in total prizes for one lucky (and good looking!) winner of this one. £1 to a cool kids charity for all entries too. Everybody wins! What are you waiting for?

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