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Remember To Rate Your Competitions

UK Competitions lets you do all sorts of things to get more out of the website, giving you a chance to help out other users of the site.

Entered – Lets you keep note of which listings you have entered to save you time later on. With more added daily it pays not to waste any time entering any twice. This also shows up when you view listings under ‘Visits’.

Ratings – Lets you point the best and less good listings. Saving your fellow members time and rate your competitions.

Search – You can search listings by prize type, listing name (first letter), competition type ie prize draw, game or question. Plus rating, closing date and the date it was added.

We pick out the best listings on the front page of the site and the featured page and give you a last gasp chance to enter ones just about to close on the Closing Soon page.

There are thousands of listings at UK Competitions including free to enter competitions, games, free bets and gambling websites.

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