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There is so much more you can get out of UK Competitions. Quick search options, recommendations, new listings, weekly newsletters, email alerts, listings ratings, ‘entered’ feature and you can see what other members have viewed and recommend.

Members get to choose to receive our weekly email newsletters, email alerts plus they get to view the last two weeks worth of new listings. Its free to join up and there are many more exclusive member features.

UK Competitions lets you search the way that suits you, search by category, type, name, date or prize. Save yourself time by only seeing listings you are interested in.

Each listing has individual information stored both by you through your membership and overall saved by members for each other. Keep track of which listings you have taken advantage of. Rate each one and see how many other members have taken advantage of them.

Get more from this growing, free competitions resource. Best of luck from everyone in the UK Competitions team

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