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Readers Digest: Win A Grand In Cash During June

This month you have the chance to win £1000 in cash at Readers Digest! Register with them (free) and they email you with a new code every day, if its a winner you are a grand richer! Join up and they email you a new code to enter on the website to see if its worth £1000! It wont cost you a penny, just like all other the draws on UK Competitions! More added to our listings each and every day of the week.

It is free to take part. No commitment to make. Just join and get your unique code to start playing to win the money. It is enough to pay for your summer holiday, or indulge your love of shopping. You could buy the new iPhone 7 and have cash left over for a big family get together. You can save the grand or use it any way you like. Its a great problem to have on your hands (or in your back pocket)!

Readers Digest have created a range of world famous informative and varied magazines packed with glossy pictures and expert views. They cover all sorts of stuff from music to celebrities, from history to crime. Imagine having everything you could ever want to know about a subject in the time it takes to read one magazine article. They have loads of publications, from home to money, health and loads more for you to choose from.

You get a new chance to win the money each and every day this month. Someone will win it, will it be you? Just register with Readers Digest for free to grab your chance during June. If theres one comp you enter this week make it this one. What a prize! Theres no one that couldn’t use that amount of cash in your pocket.

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