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Premier Gourmet Foods: Win £200 Of Fresh Butchers Meat

Its probably one of our biggest grocery spends, and it seems like meat is getting more pricey all the time. Even if its not fillet steaks you could spend a good chunk of your budget on mince, poultry, pork, lamb and other meat products. Now you can win all your meat needs for months to come with Premier Gourmet Foods!

Each month Premier Gourmet Foods run a free to enter competition, all you have to do to enter is give your email. The prize? Its a handpicked bundle of meats. Varied and delivered fresh to your door. It could be sausages, steaks, pork, lamb or anything else you like. Just pick one of their meat bundles for free. All the meat and meat products you love are here and they cater for all tastes. All organic and natural grown meat, it tastes better and makes you feel better too.

You get the absolute best quality. All delivered 100% fresh in well designed packaging. Cheaper than your local supermarket and much more convenient for most households. Premier Gourmet Foods offer you all the meal and poultry you need within 24 hours. Saves you a job at the supermarket, and you get better quality meat. Its like an online butcher, with prices to match!

Healthy eating and successful cooking are tow of reasons to use it. Make sure you enter this monthly comp for free, it only takes a second to take part in the draw. Simply add you email and you get a chance to win each and every month from now on.

They have fifty years of butchers experience to rely on. Quality and freshness, with a 100% money back guarantee on all cuts forever. £25 off your next order when you claim your welcome voucher. Just make sure you enter the competition too!

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