MoneySavingExpert: The Top Comping Tips

We all know that entering competitions online is not only a great way to not only pass the time, but you can also win superb eye popping prizes worth hundreds or even thousands. Now its official! MoneySavingExpert, the site of TV’s Martin Lewis, has come up with loads of tips to help you win. Or win more! They have come with with 42 ways to push the odds in your favour, but we have condensed it a bit for UK Competitions members.

You can see the full list for basics and not so basics from MoneySavingExpert Here Below we sum up the best bits, that will be important for our members:

Facebook – Use Facebook and social media accounts to enter comps. They are free and loads of draws require them. Save time entering and keeping track of them too!

Autofill Your Way to glory – Use extra features on your chosen web browser to save time filling in forms. By the press of one button you can enter a comp with your details. The more you enter the more you will win!

Keeping track – Create a free email address just for comps. Or tweak your spam folder to filter them into one place.

Make sure you reply – Dont miss out on a prize because you forgot to reply! Read T&Cs and keep a note somewhere.

Make an effort – Enter comps and games which make you do something like a tiebreaker, game or anything which requires skill. Less people will enter and it boost your chances. Plus they are fun!

Thats just a few, you can see a more detailed run down at MoneySavingExpert. Remember that competitions make winners every week. Its the way companies promote their goods and films/bands/tv shows push their product. Real prizes given away to people just like you!

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