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Jollies Sweets Competition: Win A £50 Sweety Hamper

Jollies Sweets Competition: Win A £50 Sweety Hamper


You will be very jolly when you win this sensational free draw! The summer 2016 Jollies Sweets Competition has Willy Wonkatastic hamper of sweets to give away. They have picked out their greatest hits of sweets and tasty treats including old favourites and new ones. Its free to enter simply give your email address to take part.

Share: theres more sweets than you can eat in one go so, spread the love to your kids, family or work colleagues. Really! They might be next months winner and share them with you! Make friends, get promotion or tell someone you really like them. Theres nothing you can do with fifty quid of sweets on board. probably better to keep a store for personal consumption though, we wont tell!

They have all sorts of stuff from 1970s and 1980’s classics like cola bottles, argentinas and flying saucers and US candy like M&M sours and Lifesavers and plenty that you cant find in any shop. Loads to try and when you re-order you get an extra 5% and free shipping when you spend £50 and over on a single order.

Do it now: your tummy will thank you if you enter the free Jollies Sweets Competition all you have to do is fill in your email so they can give you the good news that you will be in sweetie heaven for weeks to come. No purchase to make, they will enter you once every month unless you decide to ask them to remove you details.

The Jollies Sweets Competition should have your mouth watering in anticipation of some sweet treats that could be coming your way.

The worlds finest sweets, including all kinds of US style candy, limited edition products, chews, chocolates, fudge and tasty fizzy juice could be coming your way for free if you win!

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