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Have The Best New Year Ever From Us

A hearty best New Year wishes to you all out there! Hope 2017 was kind to you and hopefully you can ease yourself into 2018 without too much disruption. Apart from the usual bad weather, expanding waistbands and unwalked dogs its the best time of the year. Time to kick back and enjoy the TV and some chat with your family and friends. If you have any more time then UK Competitions has hundreds of competitions to choose from. Theres prizes to suit just about everyone. Win cars, holidays, vouchers, gadgets and much more. Our winners scoop £1000’s of prizes each year, so make sure you are one of them by signing up and entering as many as you can.

Now is the time to enter some competitions. They are free to take part in and theres more added to the website every day.

Get involved and win in 2018, make it the best New Year of them all. Our previous winners would agree theres never a bad time to get lucky! The more you enter the bigger the chance to win. None of them will cost you a penny!

You could start off your year with a free holiday to look forward to. A giant wad of cash to spend. Or even the latest hot gadget to show off like an iPhone 8! Theres nothing better than knowing you were lucky. Maximise your chances and make UK Competitions pay for you. Get busy while you have the chance and some time off to use.

So once again best New Year from all of us here. When you are bored of turkey sandwiches and repeats of old Christmas movies (The Great Escape, Escape To Victory) its time to get back to real life. Work, school, the daily grind. What would we do without it?

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