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Hallmark: Win A Valentines Weekend


Think you know a good excuse when you hear it? Let your self excusing skills win yourself a luxury Valentines Day holiday from Hallmark! They have a romantic cottage holiday from Red Letter Days up for grabs, with a choice of 35 luxury locations to pick from.

Just answer one tie-breaker question to win: what’s the worst excuse you ever heard for forgetting Valentines day? Give it some thought to win.

Think you can wriggle out a tight spot? Know someone who leaves everything to the last minute? Get busy to win a luxury holiday for two. If you win you wont need any excuses!

Give the your details to enter, no purchase required. Hallmark have a holiday to give away! Better than flowers!

Prepare for a brownie point bonanza if you win this free to enter competition!

Hallmark know a thing or three about making days special, don’t forget the 14th is the big day!

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  1. “I thought that as it was a leap year, it was only the girls who needed to remember!!” this was a real excuse made by my husband in 2004.

  2. The worst excuse I’ve heard for not getting a Valentines Day gift is “I was going to get you a luxury Valentines Day holiday break but I didn’t win.”

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