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UK Competitions has a sister site Free UK Stuff which does for freebies what UK Competitions does for comps. Just a short blog to let UK Competitions members who dont know in on the fun!

If you are interested (and who is not) in getting freebies, free trials, sales, samples, promos, vouchers and other incredible stuff then why not peruse what they have to offer. Visit Free UK Stuff here

Free UK Stuff is another site by the people who made UK Competitions so you know what you are getting: free membership, constant updates to listings and a common sense site layout.

All sorts of companies are offer great stuff so why miss out…Items available on Free UK Stuffinclude: free CDs, free DVDs and free music downloads. These are only a few from the ‘Audio/Video’ section there are dozens of categories to choose from from ‘Rewards’ to ‘Events’.

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