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Free Postcode Lottery: Win Cash Prizes Every Day For Free

Its the best of both worlds. A free lotto game with big rollover jackpots of up to £1000 cash and many smaller cash prizes 7 days a week. Join Free Postcode Lottery by giving your email (so they can tell if you’ve won) and your postcode. Its a simple game that never charges you to enter, forever.

If your postcode gets picked you win the cash. Postcodes where theres more than one member registered everyone gets an equal share. Its free to take part, paid for by advertising. Leave you £2 National Lottery ticket behind. This is a no risk lottery ticket.

Theres lots of prizes apart from the main jackpot at Free Postcode Lottery. They have given away over £400,000 to their members so far. The biggest jackpot so far was over £2,500. What would you do with that amount of cash?

Every member who joins and every play on the site increases the jackpot total. Spread the word and the site just gets better. Free Postcode Lottery gives away thousands every year and theres no hassle involved or picking numbers, just join adn they play for you. They email you if you win too.

You can play five separate lottery games that run every day of the week. They pay out or roll over so the site just gets better and better. In years to come the prizes they offer will rival the main paid lottery games with millions given away each draw.

Great ideas are simple, and they dont get more straightforward than this one! You are paid by Paypal and no publicity either. Just a bundle of cash in your account after the noon draw each day. You can win from £800 minimum up to £2500 in cash. Lots of other prizes up for grabs as well so claim your free membership today and play tomorrows lotto.

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