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Football Index: £500 Of No Risk Transfer Market Trading

Think you know all about footie and you can spot a good player when you see one? Football Index is your platform to start turning your transfer market savvy into real cash. You buy and sell players at a profit to other members of the site. Watch your squad of players rise in value and see your profits rise too! All you need is some knowledge of the game and a eye for a playing who is destined for the top! See the next Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard? If pick them out and buy them first they could earn you big money on this site!

Its a fun and competitive football game which doesnt need any tactical know how or fancy footie boots. They even give new players a £500 pot of no risk cash to buy their first squad of players with. Buy and sell at no risk to your account total. This is the big league, its Premier League money with the worlds finest players.

Football Index is a great idea, there really is nothing like it anywhere on the web. If you play the game or just love watching it on TV its ideal to win you some cash. Lets face it the game these days is all about money and spotting players is how you get it.

Create an account and start trading today. Buy players with your pot of cash at Football Index and see how much cash you can earn! The better your players to on the pitch the more cash you have. Cash out any time for a big cash payout!

Its the soccer game like no other. Who knows more about players? If its you you could be quids in. Open your own account and see who you can buy.

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